Body and fat issues that men and women have include too much fat, scars and keloids, unwanted tattoos, Varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks.

If you exercise and watch your diet and still cannot seem to lose pouches of fat in certain areas like the love handles, belly or back then we can help you figure out the best treatment for your needs. Our experience ranges from Lipodissolve for dissolving the fat, Ultrashape for using ultrasound to break down fat to Coolsculpting which freezes and destroys the fat. With our experience we can help you to remove unwanted fat in virtually in area of the body.

Scars and keloids can be unsightly and troublesome no matter where they are and for men and women. Our treatments range from Fraxel and CO2 resurfacing to steroid injections for keloid scarring.

Have you had that tattoo and always wanted to remove it? Our experience with tattoo removal is over 11 years with the first medlite C6 laser in Yashi and we have continued to expand our experience in dealing with tattoos in a timely and efficient manner including the R20 method of tattoo removal to reduce number of treatments.

Varicose and spider veins can be both unsightly and troublesome. Treatments include using ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy as well as laser treatments to give long and lasting results. We also recommend and fit stockings to prevent varicose veins from forming as well as to improve circulation. Varicose veins can occur in both men and women , both young and old. If you have a job standing all day then you may already be developing these veins.

Cellulite is the bane of most women and is the orange peel looking skin on your thighs, legs and abdomen area. It makes women self consious to wear shorts, short dresses or skirts. There are treatments available that help the look of cellulite that are tried and tested and without resorting to surgery.

Stretch marks occur in both men and women at various stages of life. Commonly women experience stretch marks during growth spurts as an adolescent or during pregnancy. Treatments for stretchmarks include CO2 Resurfacing and Thermage and include combination treatments.