Other conditions we treat at Yashi laser are varied and if you are unsure whether we can treat your condition contact us to enquire as we are a full services cosmetic clinic and offer a large range of services.

If your nails have yellowing or appear to be uneven in colour you may have a fungal infection in the nail itself. Toe nail fungus can be difficult to treat as traditional treatments involve drugs which may or may not work. At our clinic we firstly confirm that you have a fungal infection prior to treating the infection with laser treatments.

For headaches and migraines, Botox has proven to be an effective treatment that gives relief for extended periods of time.

For excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis we offer the traditional treatment of Botox for the sweating. Other treatments that are now becoming available include Ulthera for sweating.

Moles and warts can be bothersome and occur in both men and women, young and old. Where traditional methods of wart removal include nitrogen to freeze the warts, lasers offer an alternative effective method of removing warts. For moles we offer both surgical and laser options. Depending on the location, size as well as the mole appearance will determine which method will be the best. Most moles are cosmetic in nature although sometimes mole removal includes samples sent to the lab to be tested.