About Dr. Bharti Patel

Dr. Bharti Patel

MD – Dermatology, Diploma in Dermatology and Trichology and MBBS.

Dr. Bharti K Patel obtained her medicine and surgery (MBBS) degree from M.U.H.S University, post which she secured a post-graduate diploma in dermatology and venereology from College of Physician University (C.P.S), Mumbai and later added a star to her career with MD Dermatology from USA University (USAIM).


She intensely upholds the belief that aesthetic medicine (cosmetology) gives out a helping hand to people to not only look good but even feel good about oneself and this is what that has driven her passion for aesthetic medicine.


In 2008, her passion compelled her to join Kaya Skin Clinic until finally in 2012 she decided to give her passion a way to emerge out in the world and beautify things by opening her clinical self-practice at Yashi Skin & Hair Clinic. Her spirit of always learning and growing pushed her to advance her knowledge and expertise by participating in international conferences and seminars to be the best in the field. This spirit of hers is what made her a much sought-after public speaker in dermatology and beauty workshops and made her the senior-most consultant in areas of Thane, Mulund, and Pune. She is someone who always strives to provide the best of the services and thus ensures that she personally attends to each of her patient’s needs.

Our Approach at Yashi Skin & Hair Clinic

Yashi Skin and Hair Clinic stands on the strong pillars of educating and imparting knowledge about skin and body care. We provide you complete analysis of the skin and body to help you arrive at the best decision. We always strive to be the best in our field and thus stand at forefront of all developments and technologies in cosmetic medicine and ensure that every member of our staff is educated with the same knowledge as well. We believe in providing you the best experience that not only makes you look good but makes you feel even better.

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