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Weight Management Treatments


When mesotherapy is used to reduce the fats accumulated in certain areas of the body it is known as Mesolipolysis. In this treatment, fat dissolving serums are added to your body via a mesogun which targets the fat concentrated areas and breaks them down. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment with prolonged effects.


It is commonly known as ‘fat freezing’, cryolipolysis is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment to reduce the excess fat of body by freezing it. In this treatment an applicator is placed on the affected area and left to cool for a specified duration. This treatment is usually followed by people who have stubborn body fat in particular areas which is very difficult to reduce via body exercises or various diets.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis is a treatment to reduce body fat with the help of low frequency sound waves. It is a non-invasive treatment where a transducer is used on the part of skin with excess fat and high frequency ultrasonic waves are released in a conical manner. The transducer is placed in such a way that the skin is not harmed and only the fat cells are broken down making it a safe procedure.

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